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History of Root Quest Genealogy

My genealogical curiosity triggered more than 25 years ago.  Since then, I have researched 7-8 generations of my own family, and many families of relatives, friends, and clients.  

I hold membership in the Association of Professional Genealogist, the National Genealogical Society, the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, and the Lake County Illinois Genealogical Society.

I have a good sized personal library of books and publications, and regularly visit county courthouses, historical societies, and libraries in a 12-county area in 2 states.

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 Every person, every family, even every building, has a story to tell.  Whether you are just beginning your search, need a specific document, want a research plan to follow on your own, or seek a partner to help write your family history, help is right here 

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Are you interested in learning about your father's line, your mother's line, both parental lines, or a full genealogy workup?  Root Quest Genealogy can provide ancestor research, historical context, document images, and full family history write-ups.

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Root Quest Genealogy can help your family history search in many ways.  We can offer full research and documentation, or empty research plans for Do-It-Yourself, or any combination in between.  We offer document recovery services as well as Family History book creation.

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 Ready to start?  Let's discuss forms, software, collaboration, and record searches.  Root Quest Genealogy has pricing, search levels, options, and plans for all budgets.   Find out about your ancestors! 

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